How to Draw a Rock

The right way how to draw a rock can help you have a rocking chair of your own. Drawing rocks is not just a task for the artist but can also be an enjoyable activity. There are some important things to remember while drawing a rock.

First, it is important to identify the surface on which the rock will be drawn. It should be flat and slightly rough. Secondly, it should be a combination of black and white. While drawing a rock, a gray or blue color can be used.

Since you are going, how to draw a rock, you need to do a good outline. While drawing a rock, you should include details such as the eyes, nose, lips, and the nose’s position. You can draw these details by adding them at a later stage.

In case of a fine detail, you can begin by drawing the first line at the base of the rock. Then, draw a second line at the middle of the rock and continue till the end of the rock. Lastly, you can add the nose in the last line of the surface. Be sure to apply different shading and blending to bring out the features of the rock.

draw a rock

When you draw a rock, you need to draw it according to the texture of the surface. If you have a smooth surface, a pencil would be the best medium. However, if you want to highlight the features, a fine point pen or charcoal is a better medium.

You can draw the eyes of the rock. However, it is necessary to draw the base of the eye first. You can add other details after that. The only thing that you should remember while drawing a rock is to draw as many details as possible. Then, after completing the drawing, you should have a good idea about the look of the rock.

For a good composition, the colors used should be bright and bold. You can use a dark palette of black, red, and browns to draw bold details. The contrast between these colors should be good.

Besides that, you can also make the rock to stand out with a dark shading. In case of a shading, a pencil should be used. You can draw a little side detail of the nose of the rock to make it stand out.