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12.1.08 Immigration: Neither a Conservative Issue Nor a Liberal Issue. It is an American Issue
One of the most striking issues for me is the fact that the immigration issues is almost always described as being of great concern to the “Conservatives.”  I have seen article after article where the reporter claims that the President is being pressured by the “right wing conservative faction of the Republican Party” to secure our nation’s borders.  While the language may change slightly from article to article, the fact remains that the news reporters always make it appear that only the extreme conservatives of our country want to secure the borders against illegal immigration.
11.26.08 Naturalized Citizens as Terrorists. Why Were They Allowed to Become Citizens in the First Place?
The news article I have attached below was broadcast yesterday and should be of great concern to all Americans and to hopefully our nation leaders.  I became aware of this news report when one of the folks who receives my commentaries forwarded me news article that appeared today on the website of the local ABC-affiliated station in Minnesota.  I have attached that article beneath the national ABC news story.What many people don’t realize is how many news reports have an inherent significant immigration component.  I sometimes feel as though I am standing in front of a gushing fire hydrant with an 8 ounce glass, trying to capture as much water as I can! 
11.24.08 Terrorist, Citizen of Gt. Britain, Could Visit US Without a Visa
I have attached three newspaper articles below that all deal with the mastermind of the terrorist attacks that had been in the final planning stages more than 2 years ago that sought to create a terrorism “spectacular.”  The goal of the terrorists was to bring down ten jet airliners on the same day as they flew over the Atlantic Ocean, headed towards the United States. This past week the mastermind of the attack was believed to have been killed by a missile strike launched by our soldiers operating in Pakistan.  This apparently provided the terrorist, Rashid Rauf to become the best kind of terrorist- a dead terrorist!